Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto Terme forms with Abano Terme the Terme Euganee neighborhood, one of the most renowned thermal areas of Italy.

In ancient times, the Romans used to visit Montegrotto Terme for its curative thermal waters: not surprisingly, the name comes from the term "Mons Aegrotorum" or "mount of the sick people." The Roman archaeological excavations in fact show many ex voto, ie votive statuettes that the sick people leave as a gift to the gods after being healed.

Today Montegrotto Terme is a popular destination for all those who have joint problems and want to cure them with the thermal waters and mud of the Euganean Hills, but also for those who are looking for a rest and beauty care.

What to see in Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto Terme is not only famous for its thermal waters, but also for its historical attractions and museums.

  • Butterfly Arc - The Butterfly House: the first exhibition ever held in Italy on live butterflies, distributed in three large gardens
  • Roman archeological area: you can still see the spa complex with its original water channeling system
  • Villa Draghi: 1700 manor house
  • International Museum of Art Glass and Spa: with monographs and collections of great refinement glass works of art

Great news 2013

Starting this year, Dr. Claudia D'Angelo will look after guests at hotel and support them while following the famous Zone Diet, the original one by Barry Sears.