Parc et Piscine thermale

Abano è il regno dell’acqua termale, ma anche della natura, dei grandi giardini delle Ville Venete, dei Parchi Naturali e degli sterminati campi da golf. L’Hotel Ariston Molino rispecchia in tutto e per tutto questa doppia vocazione.

Le sue 4 Piscine di acqua termale sono circondate infatti da un Parco, dove piante e alberi di diverse specie, aiuole e prati di erba tagliata all’inglese fanno dimenticare persino di essere in pieno centro.

Ogni piscina – aperta dalle 6 alle 19.30 – ha le sue caratteristiche distintive: ognuno degli ospiti ha la sua preferita, ma noi vi consigliamo di provarle tutte.


Our pools

Outdoor pools

  • Hydrobike pool (122 m2): this pool is connected to our indoor pool and is probably Hotel Ariston Molino’s flagship. It has a funny “Mickey Mouse ears” shape and is definitely worth a try.
    It reaches 34° and has underwater hydrobikes so you can work out while comforted by its warm water.

  • Pool with special water effects (108 m2): this is the ideal pool for you if you like the feeling of having your feet tickled by water while a warm waterfall flows gently down your back. The Kneipp pool reaches a temperature of about 19° whereas the Jacuzzis go up to 32-33°.
  • Big Pool (210 m2): this pool is 20 metres long and is rather cool compared to the others reaching a temperature of about 29°. It’s perfect for a long swim in the open.


Zodiac pool
50 mq

If you come here in the evening after a nice walk when there aren’t many people around, just take a minute to look up at the ceiling and admire the wonderful cupola and all its frescoed signs of the zodiac. Take this little memory home with you for when you will be at work or stuck in a traffic jam.

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Grande Nouveauté 2013

Dès cette année, le Dr Claudia D'Angelo va s'occuper des hôtes en les assistant pendant qu’il suivent le célèbre régime ‘The Zone’ créé par Barry Sears.