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Acque e fanghi di Abano Terme


“E’ alle acque che si spiega tutta la “felicità” del carattere veneto

Stendhal, 1817

6 days in Abano

6 days of well-being in Abano Terme


Abano Terme’s hot springs and mud baths

Abano Terme’s hot springs and mud baths are considered unique in Europe thanks to their therapeutic effects. The Romans, who loved spas, used to come here to relax and over the centuries many kings, queens and noble gentry have come here too. Abano’s hot springs are salso-bromo-iodic waters and have their source in the Alpine foothills, although they generally flow at around 2-3000 metres underground at a temperature of 200°. They spring naturally on the Colli Euganei at a temperature of about 87°.

As they flow underground they pick up many precious minerals that make them ideal for particular treatments and for your body. The special DOC mud we use here also comes from these waters and is produced through a process that can last two months. It lays in big basins that keep it constantly in contact with the hot spring water at a temperature of 60°.

The waters and muds have an anti-inflammatory effect and help arthrosis and osteoporosis patients but they are also beneficial for your skin and mood because they stimulate the production of endorphins.

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Great news 2013

Starting this year, Dr. Claudia D'Angelo will look after guests at hotel and support them while following the famous Zone Diet, the original one by Barry Sears.