Villa Vescovi

The Venetian Villas embellish the landscape of the Euganean Hills around Abano Terme, creating a wealth of beauty protected by UNESCO.

The richness of the Veneto is the representation of the power achieved by the Republic of Venice and the long period of peace that he was able to assure its inhabitants. The villas quickly became centers of economic development, giving a strong impetus to the development of the communication network which today is still well advanced in respect to other territories in Italy from this point of view.

Villa dei Vescovi is a Renaissance testimony, especially for its pre-Palladian architecture that distinguishes it from the surrounding villas.

Luvigliano Torreglia is located a few miles from Abano Terme. Here, between 1535 and 1542, the Bishop of Padua, Francis Pisani chose to build his summer residence. Around the bishop had gathered a coterie of intellectuals who often frequented the villa for lazing meditate and find the right inspiration for their dissertations or literary compositions. Therefore the spaces of the villa are designed to create a harmonious continuity with the surrounding landscape.

Euganean Hills landscape can view from any location of the villa as in a perpetual dialogue among nature and architecture.

Villa Vescovi is surrounded by a huge park and since 2005 the villa belongs to the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) and can be visited and really lived.

As intellectuals of the '500, visitors can strolls through the vineyards and lying on the grass contemplating the sky if they’d like to.

Hotel Ariston Molino has an agreement with Villa Vescovi and can offer their customers incentives on tickets. To reach Villa Vescovi from the hotel it takes just 10 minutes along the SP 25.


Great news 2013

Starting this year, Dr. Claudia D'Angelo will look after guests at hotel and support them while following the famous Zone Diet, the original one by Barry Sears.