Therapeutic treatment center

Colli Euganei muds and hot waters were initially used for therapeutic treatments and wellness therapy. Guests come back time after time to cure their arthrosis, muscle pains, traumas, fractures, dermatosis and much more also thanks to the trust they have in our professional staff.

As cosy as home

Spas where people go to cure physical problems often have a rather cold look, similar to hospitals. Ariston Molino wellness therapy center looks more like a modern wellness centre. We have recently renovated the place and have put in independent cabins with a bed for mud therapies and balneotherapy tubs. Our Spa is modern but at the same time very cosy and warm. You can easily go back up to your room in your dressing gown and slippers by taking the lift so you won’t catch a cold.

Our therapeutic area is run by a professional team and a doctor who guarantees quality and effective treatments:


Balneotherapy – Mud therapy - Inhalations

  • Balneotherapy consists of stepping into a pool of 36-38° water containing ozone to assure an intense vasoldilating action on your circulation. These waters make it easy to move, help your joints and ease pain.
  • Mud therapy consists of special muds created by the natural union of clay and thermal water, microorganisms and biomaterials. The treatment takes place in 4 steps: application of the mud at a temperature of 38° for 15 minutes; a bath in thermal waters for 10 minutes; sweating in a warm room and a toning muscle massage. This treatment is perfect to cure osteoarthrotis and osteoporosis.
  • Inhalations are thermal steams that are very useful to cure respiratory illnesses and prevent infections. They have an antiseptic action and stimulate the ciliary zonule. They also fluidify secretions and reduce the microbiological component.

Great news 2013

Starting this year, Dr. Claudia D'Angelo will look after guests at hotel and support them while following the famous Zone Diet, the original one by Barry Sears.