Botanical Garden of Padua

Botanical Garden of Padua cover

The Botanical Garden of Padua is home to 7,000 species of plants, trees and flowersand today it is considered one of the most important oasis in Italy dedicated to the conservation and protection of biodiversity.

The Botanical Garden has ancient origins: it was established in 1545 to cultivate all the herbs needed to create the “simple” medicines, all those medicines produced only with the help of natural elements.

The Garden was an important source of raw material for the University of Padua, very famous for his studies on plants. Inside they cultivated over 1800 plant species of great rarity and value, from all over the foreign countries with which Venice entertained business relationships. To prevent thieves from stolen the plants a wall was built.

Today this beautiful place has become Unesco Heritage because it is considered “the original of all botanical gardens in the world.”

In the Garden, you can see the famous Conservatories of Biodiversity, a great avant-garde showcase recreating an ideal section of the globe. Inside it you can find the most varied climatic conditions, from rain forests to the northern lands.

Encounter plants and trees from the four corners of the planet and thematic collections of great interest, such as insectivorous plants and local Euganean Hills plants.

You can attend to a series of public events held in the Garden, such as seminars and conferences dedicated to these issues, but it is also possible to book guided tours, to discover all the incredible species protected here.

Informations and Hours:

  • April and May 9AM-7PM – every day, including holidays
  • From June to September 9AM-7PM – every day, including holidays with the exception of working Mondays
  • October 9AM-6PM – every day, including holidays excluding working Mondays
  • From November to March 9AM-5PM – every day, including holidays with the exception of working Mondays / Closed December 25 and January 1
  • Tickets: € 10/12 – from 18 years to 64 years; Reduced € 8 – 65 years; Reduced € 5
  • Guided tours: tel: +39.049.2010222 – mail: