Catajo Castle

Catajo Castle cover

Catajo Castle is located in Battaglia Terme, in the province of Padua, and is one of the most extraordinary historical buildings preserved in the territories of the Euganean Hills around Abano Terme.

The Castle was built in the Eighteenth century by the Obizzi family, soldiers of fortune coming from France.

Pio Enea I degli Obizzi literally fell in love with the Euganean Hills, why chose this place to build a home that reflected the full glory of the family: an original castle, halfway between the noble villa and fortresses.

That’s why in the Castle appears an impressive sequence of 40 frescos that tell in detail the story of Obizzi, what is now one of the most important self-celebratory fresco cycles in northern Italy.

The Obizzi lived here for many generations, enriching the structure with more and new works of art, until the Nineteenth century the last descendant left everything in the hands of the Royal House of Habsburg-Este and later to Charles I, the last emperor of Austria and Hungary.

Today the Catajo Castle is owned by the Dalla Francesca family, but it is open to the public to allow everyone to admire its extraordinary beauty.

Throughout the year you can visit the Catajo Castle with a guide that will show you the Courtyard of the Giants, where in antiquity were organized festivals, theater shows and even naval battles, since it could be completely flooded and then drained again.

It is worth visiting also the magnificent frescoed halls with the family tree of the family and those of representation, painted with all the history of Obizzi, punctuated by assassinations, weddings and battles, by Giovanni Battista Zelotti, one of the most beloved artists of the Venetian culture.

Here they say that still roams the ghost of the beautiful Lucrezia Obizzi.

Finally you can visit the Terrace, a dance hall in the open air with a panoramic view on the hills, and the Garden of Delights, surrounding the Catajo Castle and which houses ancient trees of great value.

Information: Catajo Castle is open to the public with guided tours on Sundays, Tuesdays and public holidays from 2.30pm to 6.30pm and in summer from 3.00pm to 7.00pm. You can also visit it during some events, such as Night at the Castle Festival and the Venetian Villas.