Pedrocchi Cafe Padua

Pedrocchi Cafe Padua cover

Young entrepreneur Antonio Pedrocchi, who had inherited from his father a small coffee shop, founded the Pedrocchi Company in 1831. When Antonio met the ambitious architect Giuseppe Iappelli, they decided to build a Coffee open to the public, by investing in the construction of a building that would have made the history of Italian art and Padua.

The dream of Antonio, who spent in this work all the belongings collected with difficulty in many years of roasting, was to divide the space into two distinct characteristics and purposes.

The “Caffè” would be open 24 hours a day to accommodate any customer: until 1916 the Cafe would be open both day and night and this is why it was called “The Cafe without doors”.

The “Ridotto” was instead reserved for the high society in Padua, that would gather here to dance parties, celebrations, but also for secret Masonic meetings and business meetings. A unique and regal place for the most important occasions.

For many years the Cafe Pedrocchi was the bar for excellence in Italy, a reference point for students, intellectuals, political figures and academics.

A few years after its completion, with its incredible frescoes and his neoclassical virtuosity, Jappelli and Pedrocchi died. But Antonio had the foresight to leave the factory a boy that he adopted, Domenico Cappellato.

Before dying, Domenico decided to leave the Cafe to the City of Padua, with the imperative that it could keep being open to the public and be improved according to the progress, so it could “keep his primacy in Italy. ”

Today Pedrocchi Cafe is still the hub of social life in Padua and here you can experience some of the most exclusive Italian coffee, made according to old recipes found in the writings of the company. First of all the Pedrocchi Coffee, which combines wonderfully strong coffee with fresh notes of mint.

Caffè Pedrocchi – Via VIII Febbraio, 15 – 35122 Padova – Tel. +39 049 8781231 – E-mail: