The New Spa Aponia! Special new services on offer: sauna, thermal steam bath, caldarium with salt wall, emotional showers and ice fountain.
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You'll be delighted with the new facilities at our “Aponia” Spa.

In addition to the Finnish sauna and the emotional showers, installed in 2016, we also now offer a steam bath, ice fountain, salt room, face and body massages and beauty treatments.

Included in
the entrance fee
(15 Euros):

  • Sauna
  • 3 emotional showers with fragrant essences
  • Ice fountain
  • Caldarium with salt wall
  • Thermal steam bath
  • Private massage cabins
  • Private cabins for beauty treatments
  • Gym and Exercise Hall

Our Spa Services

Sauna cover


This is a classic sauna in the full Nordic tradition, featuring a dry environment and low humidity in the air (not above 10-20%). The temperature rises until it reaches about 85°/90°. The humidity only increases when water is thrown onto the hot stones, causing the skin to sweat profusely. Essential oils with a balsamic effect, such as pine or eucalyptus, can also be added to the water. Saunas provide many benefits: they are detoxifying and very relaxing, they improve the skin, aid weight loss, and strengthen the immune system.

Thermal steam bath cover

Thermal steam bath

This takes place in a closed space, and involves very high humidity (from 90 to 100%).
The inside temperature varies from 40 to 60° C, and the proposed stay is around 15 minutes.
This produces less intense sweating than a very hot, dry environment like a sauna, but you remain inside for longer. The natural progression from here is to the ice fountain (or an invigorating cold shower), to help close the pores, tone the muscles and give a burst of energy to the whole body. You can repeat the whole process several times, and follow it by a moment’s relaxation on a bed and a final massage.

Caldarium with salt wall cover

Caldarium with salt wall

Sea salt, with its high iodine content, is naturally good for our health and for cleansing the body. This effect is produced by the addition of salt panels in the chamber, which is heated to around 35 degrees, and combines the benefits of a Finnish sauna with those of halotherapy.

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Loved It!
This hotel was clean, had a great restaurant, good service, and great location. The best part are the pools! They had so many of all different temperatures plus one that inside this painted dome. It was really cool!
Rachel L
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A nice relaxing weekend
We had a good time at Ariston Molino. The room was nice and perfectly clean. The swimming area is also well kept, and the massage we had was really refreshing.
Manuela P
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Great location, great team, great holiday
The medical facilities are excellent, offering mud baths, ozone baths and massages, with an initial medical check up with the doctor. The pools are beautiful, warm and also provide spinning bikes or water jets