Barbarigo Garden

Barbarigo Garden cover

The area of the Euganean Hills, a few miles from Abano Terme, represents a landscape of harmony and beauty.

In the past this territory represented the hinterland of the Republic of Venice, which was connected to by a dense network of waterways.

Among the various villas built around Padua, Villa Barbarigo is one of the best-known for the garden that decidedly deserves a visit.

Awarded as the most beautiful garden of Italy in 2003 and the most beautiful garden of Europe in 2007, the garden also known as Pizzoni Ardemani covers an area of over 150,000 square meters.

Designed in the ‘600 by Luigi Bernini garden, in fact, represents an immense scene in which the visitor passes through various architectural elements to achieve a higher state of awareness.

Among the highest value’s symbolic spot there are the Cave of the Hermit, the Rabbit Island, the Monument to the time and, of course, the maze, its most famous landmark. The path inside the box hedge is one kilometer long and six hundred meters and inside there are seven dead ends as the seven deadly sins. To get out you must retrace your footsteps and revise your decisions as in a spiritual path of repentance. Warning: sinners or not it is not so easy to get out of the maze, therefore there is a map and, often, a person in charge in case of need.

The Barbarigo Garden can be visited freely from March to November and on reservation from December to February.

Hotel Ariston Molino has an agreement with Villa Barbarigo and can offer their customers incentives input.To get there from the Hotel Ariston Molino it take 20 minutes by car along the SP25.