Wellness and Aesthetic Treatments

“Reinvigorate yourself with thermal mud water! Relax with massages, scrubs, face masks, and treatments with salts and essential oils, all performed by our skilled massage therapists and other professionals.”


wellness and aesthetic treatments

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Wellness Centre Abano Terme

The Wellness Centre at Hotel Ariston Molino Buja in Abano Terme specialises in the use of thermal waters and muds. Everything here, from massages to scrubs to face masks, makes use of their active ingredients.

Special treatments, salts, essential oils, creams and balms, all benefit from the power of the thermal minerals, and are transformed into elixirs of beauty that are expertly applied to suit your particular need.

Our massage therapists, doctors, and other professionals work tirelessly every day to take special care of each individual guest.

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Face And Body Treatments


Facial cleansing, facial cleansing with collagen, face mask, mask with collagen application, face massage, eye contour treatment, face waxing, pedicure and manicure, anti-cellulite treatment with thermal mud, body scrub (with mud or Dead Sea salts), cold wraps for lymphatic drainage, waxing and solarium body shower.

beauty mask abano terme
Vodder method lymphatic drainage massage

Lymph drainage (vodder method)

Gentle rhythmic movements help to stimulate the lymphatic system. The purpose of lymph drainage is to eliminate toxins in the tissues, re-balancing and enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation. Benefits: detoxifying, draining (combats water retention), counters oedema and cellulite.

PARTIAL (25 MINS.) € 38,00
TOTAL (55 MINS.) € 62,00
ayurvedic massage abano terme

Ayurvedic massage

Traditional Indian massage with a holistic basis: the purpose of this massage is to restore the natural balance between body and mind. The first step is to oil the whole body with excellent quality warm oils, which help to soften the skin. The massage involves smooth, fluid movements.

(55 MINS.) € 70,00
hot stone massage hotel abano terme

Hot stone massage

This makes use of basalt stones of volcanic origin, which are heated to a temperature of 65-70°. The heat combats stress, tension and muscular contractions. The stones are placed on the various energy points of the body to help restore equilibrium. Oil is then applied, using slow movements and medium pressure.

(55 MINS.) € 70,00

Other Treatments

foot reflexology
favicon ariston molino

hermal muds and clays

favicon ariston molino

thermal baths with scented salts

favicon ariston molino

draining, relaxing and anti-stress massages

favicon ariston molino

californian and muscular massage

favicon ariston molino

energising, anti-stress and anti-aging face and body treatments

favicon ariston molino

anti-cellulite treatments

favicon ariston molino

massage in cabin with himalayan salts

favicon ariston molino

shiatsu treatments

favicon ariston molino

foot reflexology

favicon ariston molino

epilation, pedicure and manicure

favicon ariston molino

face and body scrubs with chocolate and essential oils

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